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Local Provisions | Duxbury, Massachusetts

Duxbury, Massachusetts

Local Provisions

Local Provisions is an immersive and transparent marketplace that is in the business of making locally sourced food more accessible and transparent. We define local as being within a days drive where we focus on communicating how the food we sell was caught, grown, or produced.

At Local Provisions, we exist to Honor The Craft of those who work hard to feed their communities. We take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the food we offer by being transparent in the sourcing of our products, providing experiential shopping and cooking opportunities, educating our customers how to enjoy their latest purchase, and communicating how to properly discard the waste of our products.

Our promise is to sell sustainable goods so our customers can expect their children to procure from the same sources in the future. We believe food is more than a commodity as it nourishes our bodies, defines our culture, and offers opportunities to create memories every time we sit down at a table. 

Most importantly, we believe our existence as a marketplace is not to just sell goods or turn a profit, rather its to impact our communities in a positive manner that brings them closer together through food.