Storage & Defrosting

Local Provisions

Storage & Defrosting Instructions

Upon delivery, we urge our customers to place their frozen seafood in their freezers at their soonest convenience. Once your seafood finds its way to your freezer, it will remain restaurant grade quality for up to 9 months, it’s that easy!

When it comes time to fan the flame and select your next seafood meal, please follow the recommended steps below to defrost your local catch:

- Remove from freezer

- Cut open package and place the frozen seafood onto a plate or bowl and cover. When covered, be sure there is air flow to allow the seafood to breathe and thaw.

- Prior to recycling the packaging, make sure to take a moment of gratitude by glancing at the label to see the fisherman that caught your meal!

- Place the frozen seafood into your refrigerator to defrost. As the seafood thaws, there will be liquid and moisture that condenses onto the plate or bowl. Do not place the seafood on top of other food to prevent any cross contamination.

- When your local catch has defrosted, be sure to pat down and dry your seafood prior to seasoning. It helps the herbs and spices to stick and properly flavor the filet.

- ENJOY and be sure to take a pic and share what you cook with the hashtag #localprovisions or #honorthecraft!

Any Further Questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

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