Sustainability Insights

Local Provisions

Population Size & Fishing Rate

To further our mission of transparency, we provide the current status of the fisheries for each species we sell. Below provides the current population size and fishing rate for each of our 16 products.

Local Provisions will not sell any species that is below the targeted level unless there is a rebuild plan in place. The rebuild plans are scientifically researched and developed by NOAA to allow for fish stocks to grow while sustaining the livelihoods of our regional fishing fleet. In addition, if the fishing rate is above the recommended level we will look for there to be a rebuild plan in place or regulatory action enacted such as fishing quotas per species. It is important to note that even if a species is in an overfished state that it can still be sustainable to harvest with the proper rebuild plans and regulations. For further information about sustaining fisheries we recommend visiting NOAA's FISHWATCH and Sustainable Fisheries UW led by Dr. Ray Hilborn.

Harvest Locations & Gear and Environmental Impact

Below provides an overview of the gear used to harvest the species we sell while outlining the environmental impact on their respective habitats. In addition, we provide the primary locations each species is harvested.