Kitchen Utensils

Local Provisions

Cooking seafood does not require fancy or expensive kitchen utensils. Most of the tools in your drawers and cabinets probably already do the proper job. Below, highlights a few utensils that will make cooking seafood as effortless as possible.

Source: Williams Sonoma

Fish Spatula

Source: Williams Sonoma

Filet Knife

Pans - Pick Your Favorite One

Stainless Steel

All-purpose pan that can handle all kinds of seafood. Superb versatility, make sure to use a decent amount of oil or butter to prevent sticking and burning. Source: Williams Sonoma


Great for pan frying fish as the name lives up to the performance, no sticking. Easy clean up and helpful for cooks just starting to get into cooking seafood. Source: Williams Sonoma

Cast Iron

Great for searing any type of seafood such as scallops and salmon. Conducts heat extremely quickly and cooks evenly. Source: Williams Sonoma

Garlic Press

Garlic is widely used when cooking seafood. A press allows for quick preparation and evenly crushing it allowing an even seasoning of the fish. Source: Williams Sonoma


Foil comes into hand whether its for preparation, steaming fishing on the grill, or ease of cleanup.

Cutting Board

Whether its cutting swordfish steaks into tips and making homemade pollock fish sticks, cutting boards are a staple in the kitchen.