Why Frozen?

Local Provisions

It Allows our Supply Chain to Thrive

There is a notion that frozen seafood is not fresh. Unfortunately, this narrative is the furthest thing from the truth. In the United States, 40-47% of all seafood that is harvested goes uneaten due to food loss and food waste. The lion share of this percentage is due to household consumers (50-63%). Therefore, we sell frozen seafood for a few reasons:

- Less waste of seafood

- The shelf life is much longer

- Convenience as it is packaged into serving size portions for ease of cooking

- Less use of resources and stress throughout transportation

- Reduces the amount of handling that is needed (COVID-19)

Moving forward, we aim to bust the myth that frozen is not fresh. Our friends at Red’s Best have invested heavily in the latest technology that vacuum seals and freezes their local catch to 70 degrees below zero. This cooling process captures the flavor and moisture that enables the seafood to remain restaurant grade quality for up to 9 months.