Atlantic Halibut - 1 lb.
Atlantic Halibut - 1 lb.
Atlantic Halibut - 1 lb.

Atlantic Halibut - 1 lb.

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Halibut is a white flaky fish sustainably caught in the Northern Atlantic. The flavor profile includes a mild taste that has a hint of sweetness. The texture is on the dense and firmer side sitting between the consistency of haddock and swordfish. From a health perspective, Halibut is high in protein, rich in Omega 3s, and low in saturated fat. Halibut is very versatile and pairs well with many different flavor profiles and sides such as pesto, lemon & rosemary, and capers & olives.

Packaging & Usage: High tech flash frozen and vacuum sealed in 1 lb. portions at peak freshness from the ocean. Each packaged item provides the transparent catch data to harvest your local catch; the species, fisherman, vessel, port of origin, and gear used. Items delivered moderately thawed on dry ice may be put directly into your freezer to keep at restaurant quality for up to nine months, or thaw under refrigeration prior to cooking. Product has four day refrigerated shelf life.


Population Size

The Atlantic Halibut Fishery's population size in the Northern Atlantic is well below targeted levels.

(Source: NOAA) 

Fishing Rate

The fishing rate of Atlantic Halibut is at the recommended level, there is no overfishing occurring. A rebuild plan has been instituted to increase the fishery stock.

(Source: NOAA) 

Gear & Environmental Impact

Atlantic Halibut is commonly harvested using trawl nets. Regulations are in place to prevent habitat destruction such as area closures and gear restrictions.

(Source: NOAA) 

Source: Red's Best - Boston, Massachusetts

Upon delivery, the transparency of how your purchase was caught will be even greater. The fisherman, boat, harbor, and method of catch will be on the packaging of each piece of seafood compliments of Red's proprietary traceability software.

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The scallops were enormous and so sweet, I will be back for more!

Anne R.

My favorite is the swordfish, we tried them on the grill this summer and they were outstanding!

Emily R.

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