Fresh - Black Sea Bass - 1 lb.
Fresh - Black Sea Bass - 1 lb.
Fresh - Black Sea Bass - 1 lb.

Fresh - Black Sea Bass - 1 lb.

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Fresh Black Sea Bass directly from the Boston Fish Pier (Not Previously Frozen)

Most people we talk to rank Black Sea Bass as one of their favorite pieces of seafood. We are no exception, as the tender, mild tasting, and flaky nature make it one of the pearls of the ocean. Black Sea Bass is typically placed as the centerpiece to any seafood meal due to its full bodied and stunning profile. The versatility is next to none as one can easily bake, sear or grill this exquisite fish to perfection. Our favorite includes a lemon scampi sauce topped with fresh locally grown parsley.


Population Size

The Black Sea Bass Fishery's population size in New England is above targeted levels.

(Source: NOAA) 

Fishing Rate

The fishing rate of Black Sea Bass is at the recommended level, overfishing is not occurring. 

(Source: NOAA) 

Gear & Environmental Impact

Black Sea Bass is caught using hook-and-line gear. Methods to harvest do not have a great impact on habitats.

(Source: NOAA) 

Source: Red's Best - Boston, Massachusetts

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The scallops were enormous and so sweet, I will be back for more!

Anne R.

My favorite is the swordfish, we tried them on the grill this summer and they were outstanding!

Emily R.

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