Salmon Collars - 1 lb.
Salmon Collars - 1 lb.

Salmon Collars - 1 lb.

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Salmon is tender, mild flavored and has remarkably high levels of omega-3 acids, protein and vitamin D content. Salmon remains a fan favorite for its versatility and health benefits. Harvested 40 miles east in the Bay of Fundy, Red's Best salmon swim in an ocean-based aquaculture habitat. Quality, regionally-sourced and sustains the livelihoods of Maine fishermen. 

Population Size

There is a moratorium on harvesting Atlantic Salmon. Red's Best and Local Provisions procures their salmon from farms in the Bay of Fundy, Maine.

(Source: NOAA) 

Fishing Rate

There is a moratorium on harvesting Atlantic Salmon.

(Source: NOAA) 

Gear & Environmental Impact

Local Provisions & Red's Best sell Atlantic Salmon that is farmed in the Gulf of Fundy, Maine. Red's Best ensures the fishing pens do not interfere with other fisheries.

(Source: NOAA) 

Source: Red's Best - Boston, Massachusetts

Upon delivery, the transparency of how your purchase was caught will be even greater. The fisherman, boat, harbor, and method of catch will be on the packaging of each piece of seafood compliments of Red's proprietary traceability software.

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The scallops were enormous and so sweet, I will be back for more!

Anne R.

My favorite is the swordfish, we tried them on the grill this summer and they were outstanding!

Emily R.

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