Salmon Saku - 3-4 Oz.
Salmon Saku - 3-4 Oz.
Salmon Saku - 3-4 Oz.
Salmon Saku - 3-4 Oz.

Salmon Saku - 3-4 Oz.

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Red's Best Atlantic Salmon Saku is meticulously cleaned and hand cut into the perfect 3-4 ounce portion size. The salmon's omega-3 fatty acids coupled with an abundance of protein makes this fish one of the most nutrient-dense options from the ocean. This elite restaurant quality sushi can be used to make sashimi, nigiri, and poke bowls in the comfort of your own home with the highest quality and locally harvested Atlantic Salmon.

Freezing Process | Red's Best uses advanced freezer technology to super-freeze their locally caught fish and shellfish to temperatures below -61 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 24 hours. They perform this process as it is necessary to reduce the risk of consuming raw, wild seafood. Red's Best commercial super freezer accelerates the freezing process, and preserves the texture of the proteins by reducing the expansion of water molecules within the flesh of the seafood.

Storage & Preparation | Retain Red's Best Sushi under refrigeration and consume raw within two days. This elite restaurant quality sushi may also be preserved in a freezer for up to seven days.


Population Size

There is a moratorium on harvesting Atlantic Salmon. Red's Best and Local Provisions procures their salmon from farms in the Bay of Fundy, Maine.

(Source: NOAA) 

Fishing Rate

There is a moratorium on harvesting Atlantic Salmon.

(Source: NOAA) 

Gear & Environmental Impact

Local Provisions & Red's Best sell Atlantic Salmon that is farmed in the Gulf of Fundy, Maine. Red's Best ensures the fishing pens do not interfere with other fisheries.

(Source: NOAA) 

Source: Red's Best - Boston, Massachusetts

Upon delivery, the transparency of how your purchase was caught will be even greater. The fisherman, boat, harbor, and method of catch will be on the packaging of each piece of seafood compliments of Red's proprietary traceability software.

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The scallops were enormous and so sweet, I will be back for more!

Anne R.

My favorite is the swordfish, we tried them on the grill this summer and they were outstanding!

Emily R.

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Every piece of seafood you purchase will include the fisherman, boat, home harbor, and method used to catch your local purchase.